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Kit#: QK202


Whether you are seeking to study or development the 8051 or AVR together ? Then you must look, we promotes newly the MCS8051 study board third generation unifies the first, second generation of product characteristic, simultaneously increased the new functions, has referred to massive 51 basic courses, unifies the school study and our many year work experiences, simultaneously the compatible AVR monolithic integrated circuit, new manufactures, new generation's study board .

51 series CPU includes compatibly:
AT89S51 / 52 / 54 / 58 / 516 ,
P87C51, STC89C51 / 52 / 53 / 54 / 55 / 58 / 61 / 516
And so on a series of 51 series monolithic integrated circuits.

AVR monolithic integrated circuit CPU:AT90S8515, ATMEGA8515

Uses this study board to be possible to avoid the purchase expensive fever, simultaneously board compatible two kind of different CPU (51, AVR), uses a study board the price, obtains two section of study boards. The package contains study board has: Serial port , usb power line, CD compact disc, schematic diagram.


Eight LED class lantern floated down river demonstration
Four nixietubes (belt time) demonstrated
Four independent pressed keys ( interrupt INT0, INT1, counting interrupt T0, T1)
4X4 (16) keyboard entry
EEPROM memory test (AT24C02)
SPI way A/D conversion testing ( TLC549)
1 temperature examination (DS18B20)
Music broadcast demonstration
Serial port connection correspondence (MAX232)
Two external connection LCD liquid crystal display connection LCD1602(16P), LCD12232 (16P), LCD12864 (20P).(optional)
Infrared meets stops (38KHZ), coordinates the remote control, may do the infrared receive experiments.
The wireless receive module connection, uses in testing wireless.
Support serial port downloading (STC89C series) and SPI downloading (AT89S series)
Crystal oscillator 1-40M may choose
Double power source choice (DC5V) connection, USB5V connection
The double reset circuit (high, low level may elect).
Supports all 51 series and compatible CPU, simultaneously is potential AVR8515 series CPU.
The CPU connection may the complete external connection.
On the board integrated USB to COM(PL2303) line, may promote directly USB, through the USB mouth to STC89 series chip downloading procedure, may also make the serial port correspondence, is suitable does not have the serial port in some computers

Price: $ 70.00 each

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